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Secure your purchases, Trusted Shops guarantees!

Licensel offers you a safe and reliable online shopping experience. In addition to the 14-day right of withdrawal and the 24-month European warranty on all our products, every order placed on our site is guaranteed up to € 2,500.

We know how important it is for you be assured that your purchase is protected, which is why we offer you the option of activate the guarantee free of charge with a simple click, once payment has been made.

Thanks to this guarantee, in case of non-delivery or nonrefund of a return, we guarantee a refund of the purchase price.

In addition, you can insure your orders up to 2.500€ completely free of charge, for even more protection.

For us, your satisfaction comes first and we want to offer you an ideal online shopping experience, where security is guaranteed just like in a physical shop.

Choose Licensel for your online purchases and enjoy the peace of mind of shopping with maximum security and reliability.

Our Certification

Our online shop has been independently verified according to consumer law.

Licensel has been awarded the ‘Trusted Shops’ seal of approval. This seal is only granted to online shops that meet high quality criteria, based on European directives governing online trade, such as supplier identification, privacy and data security, price transparency, customer service, right of withdrawal, buyer protection and so on.

What it is Trusted Shops?

Trusted Shops is the company that certifies e-commerce across Europe and guarantees consumers in their online purchases, including yours. Trusted Shops has certified more than 30,000 online shops worldwide and is considered the No. 1 trust mark in Europe.

This is the Seal of Guarantee Official of Trusted Shops

What does the money-back guarantee cover and what is its duration?

Trustedshops’ money-back guarantee covers various eventualities that may occur during the online purchasing process. Here is a list of the most common covers offered by the guarantee:

  1. Non-delivery

  2. Non-refundable return

  3. Fraudulent transaction

  4. Problems with the seller

The money-back guarantee is valid for 30 days: If something has gone wrong with your order, you must report any problems or discrepancies within this time period.

How is the Money Back Guarantee activated?

The Trustedshops Money Back Guarantee is a free service that is automatically activated when you make a purchase from a certified Trustedshops seller. Here is how the Trustedshops money-back guarantee works:
  1. Place your order and make payment.
  2. On the order confirmation page you will already see the first banner as shown in the image:
  3. You will now receive an e-mail containing your guarantee:
  4. By clicking on the ‘View Guarantee’ button, you can simply select a password to create an account and immediately log in to Trusted Shops.
  5. Now you will have all the information to manage your guarantee, make requests or leave a review